A List of Things that Annoy Me.

1). Bad spelling
I understand that not everyone has the same grasp of the English language and that even the brightest of people have the odd few words that they struggle to spell. However, I just don’t understand how people are incapable of spelling basic words correctly. Let’s take the word ‘tired’ for instance, this word consists of five letters and has a difficulty rating of 0.2, yet I still see people frequently making the mistake of writing ‘tiered’. You are not tiered. You are not a wedding cake. You are tired. Just like I’m tired of your bad spelling.

2). People who try to enforce their opinions onto others.
We all believe that our own opinions are correct, however, the majority of us are willing to stay open minded and listen to the beliefs of others. We can then have a polite discussion about our different views and leave the conversation feeling enriched and open to new ways of seeing the world. Unfortunately, there always seems to be one or two people who lack respect towards other people’s beliefs. Rather than listening to your argument they will try to destroy it. I find this incredibly disrespectful. I’m very opinionated but I try to always keep an open mind and actually enjoy trying to look at things from another person’s viewpoint. Unless that viewpoint happens to be racist, sexist or homophobic.

3). Bad manners
If you’re walking through a doorway and someone is following you then hold the door open for them. If someone happens to do this as you are walking through the doorway then say thank you. Don’t be rude to people working in shops or in restaurants, they are entitled to earn a living without someone who thinks they are above them acting shitty. Unfortunately, common courtesy no longer seems to be that common. Manners don’t cost anything so please start using them if you don’t already.

4). People chewing with their mouths open.
I don’t feel an explanation is necessary for this one.

5). Slow Walkers
You know the ones that I mean, those people who amble along aimlessly stopping every few seconds for no reason other than to see whether you walk into the back of them. They have no cares in the world and they certainly have nowhere to be. This point also extends to those couples who feel the need to take a leisurely stroll through busy shopping centres whilst holding hands. These slow walker duos are especially infuriating because they are harder to overtake. A least when they walk in single file we are able to dodge around them.

6). The influence of the media
The influence that the media now has over young people, especially young women, is actually quite disturbing. Personally, I think that a lot of what we see in the media has an incredibly negative effect on someone’s body image. My reason for this is simple- how can somebody learn to love themselves and be comfortable in theirskin when our standards of what is beautiful have become so narrow. Girls, you don’t need bigger lips or breasts, we just need to look somewhere other than Closer magazine for our role models.

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