Can You Afford to be Alive?

Over the years, we have seen a huge rise in the prices of even the smallest things. Let’s take the ‘Freddo’ chocolate bar for instance; I am sure these delightful bars of chocolatey goodness used to cost just 5 pence, whereas now they are rarely found in shops for less than 22 pence. If inflation has done this to chocolate, then you can imagine just how much the prices of larger items have been affected.
Our economy has inflated. I’m not going to bang on about how unfair this is, as inflation seems to be an unfortunate fact of life. However, I am going to point out how I find it interesting that pretty much everything has increased in price massively, with the exception of wages. The prices of houses and cars have more than doubled, yet the standard minimum wage has increased by mere pence. This means that everyone, particularly if they are on a low wage, has to work a lot more hours and endure a lot more stress simply to be able to afford to be alive. If that is not bad enough, a chunk of that hard earned money then gets deducted from peoples’ wages in tax.
This results in people spending their time through the week doing nothing but working. These people only have the weekend, assuming they don’t work these days, to actually enjoy their lives. If someone whose working week comprises of 50 hours Monday – Friday lives to be 80 years old then that means that almost 21,000 days out of the 29,200 they are alive will be spent at work. Although, some of these people do love their jobs and are happy to pour all their waking hours into it, these people are a minority. Unfortunately, the majority of people working these hours do so out of necessity and don’t actually like their jobs, meaning that they spend 21,000 days of their lives doing something that they don’t particularly enjoy. To me, that seems a massive shame.
I appreciate that money is a necessity of life and that earning more money must always be a priority, however, I think it is ridiculous that in a bid to earn money most people have to essentially sacrifice their lives. They simply look forward to weekends and annual leave as they exist within an office, they do not live.


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