Thoughts On Catcallers

I live near a main road which I walk up and down most days. Since the age of around 14, (let’s just ignore the fact that at this point I was still technically a child), I have regularly endured the catcalls and wolf whistles of the men who drive past me.
Some days I can get one beep, whereas others I can get multiple beeps, whistles and things shouted at me. Things ranging from greetings, (e.g ‘yo,’ ‘hello’ etc), to comments the shouter clearly sees as compliments, (e.g ‘sexy’ or ‘you’re gorgeous’), to comments which are downright offensive and disrespectful, (e.g ‘get your tits out,’ ‘let’s shag’ etc), have all been thrown at me.
You can imagine the amount of shit I have heard over the course of the last 10 years or so and you can also imagine how I laugh in people’s faces when they preach to me about how women are no longer sexually objectified. I call bullshit on that, however, we’ll leave that for another blog post. When I was younger I would sometimes shout things back to the morons who catcalled or I would rebelliously stick my middle finger up at them. However, these days I have grown used to it, (which I’d like to point out that I shouldn’t have to be), and I can literally just blank them out. The beeps don’t even make me jump anymore.
If I’m honest, the entire catcalling thing confuses me a little and, although it does make me angry, I’m actually beginning to find it mildly amusing. I’m not sure what men are actually trying to achieve when they do this, and I say ‘men’ because, unfortunately, although boys in their late teens and early twenties do participate in this annoying act, the majority of the culprits seem to be fully grown men who, quite frankly, should know better. Why do they do it? Are they that stupid that they actually think I like having things shouted at me out of cars? Are they seriously expecting me to lift my top up in the middle of the street when they shout ‘get your tits out’? Do they drive away with hurt feelings because I don’t shout ‘hi’ or ‘thank you’ back to them? Are they whistling at me in encouragement to keep going up the hill or to let me know I’m doing a good job of walking in a straight line? Seriously, stop trying to exert dominance over any woman you see who has the audacity to be out on her own.
It is weird and it is creepy. When did it become acceptable to shout obscenities at complete strangers? You wouldn’t shout ‘get your rat out’ in a woman’s face as you passed her on a crowded street so why do it when you are driving past her on a deserted road? Stop sexually harassing women whilst hiding behind your steering wheels you set of perverts.


One thought on “Thoughts On Catcallers

  1. I had a guy shout out if his van window whilst out running. It’s scary when you are on your own as can’t even pass it off as “just a bit of fun” when there are no other passengers in the vehicle #weirdo!


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