My Decision to Give up Meat

Recently I have been feeling increasingly guilty whenever I eat meat, yet, I continue to eat it. I call myself an animal lover and hate the thought of animals being mistreated; however, I still contribute to the cruel treatment of animals worldwide by buying into the so called necessity of the meat industry. I am a hypocrite.
Many moons ago, humans hunted and ate free roaming animals because they had limited options regarding their food sources. They did not have the option to pop into a supermarket on the way home from work or order a pizza for their evening meal; they had no choice but to hunt. Over the years, the way in which we access food has changed and so has the way that we farm animals. Vast amounts of animals are now bred in captivity each year with the sole purpose of being slaughtered for human consumption. These poor animals are subjected to cruel and violent treatment just so our taste buds can be satisfied. Once the animals have been slaughtered, their flesh is pumped full of antibiotics in a bid to stop it from rotting on our supermarket shelves. Sounds tasty, right?
Many horror films are based around the idea of humans being hunted and murdered. The characters doing the hunting and murdering are portrayed as unhinged lunatics because they think that it is perfectly acceptable to treat other humans in this way. The characters being hunted are absolutely terrified and the audience cannot help but feel outraged and scared for them. I must admit, the thought of being hunted myself freaks me out so why do I condone this treatment of animals? Many people attempt to justify it by talking about the food chain or how we are more intelligent than the creatures that we eat, however, I don’t personally believe that humans are superior to any animal. In fact, I think humans are actually pretty stupid, so I don’t really buy into this justification for our double standards or hypocritical ways.
I often tell myself that I eat meat because I’m already restricted in terms of food as I can’t eat products containing gluten and that I need protein because of the amount of weight training that I do. However, these are just excuses. I know my way around a kitchen and I’m fairly educated in terms of nutrition, therefore, I know for a fact there are a multitude of other protein sources I can eat instead of meat and I can be pretty creative in terms of how I cook them. My excuses are no longer excusing me. I can no longer justify my choice to eat meat; therefore, I simply will not be eating it anymore.


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