‘She was sort of asking for it, dressing in such slutty clothing’


Often, when a woman is raped or sexually assaulted it is heavily implied that she is somehow to blame, or at least partly responsible, for the attack and the rapist’s behaviour.

Instead of focusing on the behaviour of the sexual predator and blaming them for their actions, the behaviour and physical appearance of the woman is picked apart and her body is regulated. It seems as though, rather than teaching people not to rape, society is more concerned with teaching women how to dress and behave in a manner that will not ‘provoke’ or ‘encourage’ sexual assault.

The comments shown in the image above came about in response to an image of a man who had been set on fire by the woman that he raped, (I wouldn’t normally condone violence but in this case I feel I can make an exception). These comments highlight just how disgustingly rape victims in our society are treated by transferring some of the ridiculous things that are regularly said to them to a different scenario.

My favourites include:

‘He was sort of asking for it, dressing in such flammable clothing’

‘He purchased a lighter earlier that day. Dude probably set himself on fire and lied about it. Typical’

‘We need to start educating people about wearing fire-safe clothing and carrying extinguishers with them at all times. For their own safety’


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