Don’t Be Rude About My Tattoos

As a tattooed woman, I frequently get people commenting on my skin. The majority of these comments are compliments, however, I get my fair share of negative, and often plain rude, comments regarding my body. Or should I say, the way that I have decided to modify my body with ink.
Let me just repeat that for you, ‘the ways that I HAVE DECIDED to modify MY BODY.’ First things first, I just want to emphasise that each person has their own body that they are entitled to do whatever they want with. Whether that means someone making the decision to shave their head, dress in clothing that goes against what is ‘appropriate’ for their gender or get covered head to toe in ink, that is their decision and, I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you but, it is just none of your freaking business.
Now, I understand that not everybody likes tattoos and piercings; however, I also understand that many people love them. There is a definite divide and, quite clearly, I fall into the latter category. Despite this divide amongst people, I have never gone up to a complete stranger and insulted them simply because they do not have tattoos and I don’t know anybody who has. It would seem that tattooed people are able to speak to strangers who are not tattooed without forming preconceived judgements about them. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that the same can be said for the way that some people who do not have tattoos judge those that have them.
On numerous occasions I have overheard strangers discussing my tattoos openly in front of me and, a couple of times, people have gone a step further than staring at me in disgust and have actually said very rude and mean things to me about them. These include telling me that they don’t like tattoos on women, (lol okay sexist), asking me how I managed to get a job, (luckily not all employers are as judgemental as they are), or telling me I am going to look horrendous when I’m older, (you know, because they are going to look amazing at 85 years old?), not to mention talking about how I have ruined my looks with my various tattoos and piercings, (I’m not even going to get started on this one).
Some people may say that I shouldn’t have got them if I wasn’t prepared for people to comment on them, however, I hardly think this is a valid justification for a person to be so rude, ignorant and judgemental. We all know that if you do not have anything nice to say then you should not say anything at all, therefore, by making mean comments about my body art then surely these people are simply demonstrating how much of an unpleasant person they are.
Fair enough, they do not like my tattoos; however, why must they insist on telling me that? I do not want to hear their opinions on how awful I look because, quite frankly, I think I look amazing and the opinion of a complete stranger is not going to change that. Telling me outdated beliefs about tattooed women belonging in the circus, (I could so do that job, by the way), is hardly going to induce an epiphany whereby I decide to laser off all of my beautiful, (which they are), tattoos. I have invested a lot of money and time into my tattoos and I love every single one of them. I am way past saving.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Rude About My Tattoos

  1. I coompletly agree with this post. When I worked in a bar drunk people used to reach over and grab my arm and pull it across the bar for a better look. Then say things like “do all your tattoos have a meaning?” No I just picked them at random! Of course they have a meaning, but I’m not obliged to discuss it with everyone I meet!


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