Come On Cameron

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Image from the Unilad Facebook page

I’m sure by now everyone is aware that the UK, ( or should I say David Cameron), has made the decision to bomb Syria under the pretence that it is Britain’s “moral and military duty to attack Islamic State.”

He firmly feels that if we did not potentially blow thousands of unsuspecting people up then we would “betray British Muslims,” because, quite bizarrely, Cameron thinks this is not only the best defence of our country but also the best “defence of Islam,” a peaceful religion.

I don’t like David Cameron but I still don’t want my opinion of him to result in me automatically being against anything he thinks is a good idea. However with that being said, I cannot help but feel as though the argument that he put forward in favour of the airstrike was simply a mish mash of statements designed to confuse and scare the audience of MPs into voting to launch an attack. By no means did it seem like a rational argument.

Cameron seemed to rely heavily on propaganda and implied that those voting against the airstrike were being unpatriotic and going against the best interests of the UK. He even demonstrated how much of a douche he really is by labelling those who disagreed with him as a “bunch of terrorist sympathisers.”

So just to clarify, in Cameron’s opinion those who DO NOT want to endanger innocent civilians are the bad guys.

Amongst the scare tactics that Cameron used in his speech were the Tunisia shootings that tragically took the lives of multiple British citizens. It certainly isn’t my intention to downplay this horrific incident, however, after Cameron stated that this attack was “inspired” by ISIS I cannot help but feel as though he embellished and utilised this attack as propaganda to fight his cause.

Cameron also implied other plots had been uncovered and  told the room that these terrorists have “plotted atrocity after atrocity on the streets here at home,” and are “waiting to kill British people” yet provided no examples, leaving me somewhat sceptical of the existence of said plots.

I would hate to think that someone could embellish horrendous events and build on the fear the invoked to further their cause, however, I guess these are politicians we’re talking about here.

Image by Number 10 via Flickr under this Creative Commons License.



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