5 Reasons We Should Stop Making PMT Jokes

This post follows a conversation I had earlier about people who crack jokes about PMT and women being on their periods simply because they have a mind of their own and disagree with something that has been said.

I hate these jokes. I could go on about them forever but, to summarise, I simply find them offensive, sexist, illogical and far from funny. In light of this I have compiled a list of 5 general reasons why I think we need to stop using these shitty jokes that belittle those women who dare to have opinions.

1. They are incredibly sexist. The entire premise of these jokes are formed on the basis that having a vagina makes women crazy. This is a notion that should have died alongside the concept of hysteria.

2. They don’t actually make sense. The majority of women experience changes in their hormones the week before their period. Hence the name “pre menstrual tension” with the “pre” part meaning before. Duh.

3. They aren’t funny. In fact they are now so overused they’ve become boring. Get some new material.

4. They aren’t very good comebacks and you should stop using them as such when you can’t find a valid point for the case you are trying to argue.

5. Following on from my last point, there is a high probability that the women you suspect might be menstruating actually aren’t and they’re only acting a certain way because you’re being a dick.


For some reason the people who tell these jokes seem to think that only women have hormones. Men experience changes in their hormonal cycle up to five times per hour and are reportedly moodier and more aggressive during certain seasons, indicating that their testosterone levels alter in accordance to not just their own cycles but to environmental changes.

This means that, in actuality, men typically experience periods of unexplained moodiness, frustration and increased aggression more frequently than women do. Feel free to google this if you don’t believe me. I love science.


Image by Feral Godmother via Flickr under this Creative Commons License.




2 thoughts on “5 Reasons We Should Stop Making PMT Jokes

  1. I LOVE this!! I, too, HATE PMS jokes. They are a weak way to distract from the actual argument–not all that different from making a joke about someone’s appearance in response to a legitimate criticism. I have long believed that men go through “PMS” too! Glad to know science is on my side 🙂

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