5 thoughts on “#WomenNotObjects

  1. Gosh what a powerful video. There was a moment when I wrestled with myself about how far we’re ready to take the ‘objectifying’ argument. After all, it’s not only women who are treated that way. Don’t some women, a lot of women, objectify men? Does that mean women are confident, sexually self-assured when they do that to men? And does that mean when men do it to women, they’re pigs? But then I realized that if we don’t put our foot down somewhere, then this objectification of the sexes will continue uninterrupted. I’m glad someone just went ahead and did a video like that. I see so many Ads, instagram uploads and virtual conversations that ruthlessly objectify women. Not only do men need to understand what they’re doing, I think we as women need to stop allowing ourselves to be objectified. Kudos to the people who made this! Very creative and hard-hitting video.

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I think over the years women have definitely started to objectify men in return however it seems to remain largely one sided in mass media and advertising. I loved the video, glad you did too 🙂

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