Morons in Mississippi

I have stayed uncharacteristically quiet on the recent passing of  the religious freedom bill in Mississippi which allows businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community.

This is partly because I’ve been rather busy and partly because I struggled to find words to discuss it that weren’t expletives.

By this point, I guess it is pretty old news and most people will be more or less aware of what’s going on so I won’t get wrapped up in the political aspects of it, however, I do want to take a few minutes just to think about the humanist aspects of it.

As a woman who is in a relationship with another woman, I find it so strange to think that there are people in the world who automatically hate me simply because of my sexual orientation. There are people in this world who harbour so much hatred and disgust for me, and the millions of other individuals who identify as part of the LGBT community, that they actively promote and encourage discrimination against us.

Perhaps it is because I’m not a narrow minded, idiotic bigot, but I just cannot comprehend how someone can have so many negative feelings towards a specific group of people for absolutely no reason other than who that group of people happened to develop romantic feelings for. Is being in a same sex relationship really so shocking and offensive? Why does my lifestyle cause people so much revulsion? I just cannot wrap my head around it.

People will argue that homosexuality isn’t natural yet it is found in almost 500 different species of animals across the world. People will argue that homosexuality is sinful because the Bible says so yet the Bible also talks about unicorns and states that you are not allowed to cut your hair.

Rather than spreading hatred we should be spreading love and acceptance. It is 2016 for fuck’s sake, let’s get a grip.

Image via Instagram.


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