A Message To Men With Gay Ex Girlfriends

Many women in same sex relationships have been in heterosexual relationships in the past. That’s a fact.

What drives these women to suddenly decide that they want to be in relationships with other women? Did the men they’ve been with in the past treat them poorly so they decided to try their luck with a woman? Were their exes all so terrible in bed that these women were “turned” gay?


These questions seem absolutely ridiculous to me yet they are the type of things that are thought by some men whose ex girlfriends have started seeing women since they have split up.

I don’t want to generalise and I obviously cannot speak for all men, however, an ex of mine has asked me in the past if it is his fault that I’m with a woman now. I know of other women in similar situations to me who have been asked the same kind of questions by their ex boyfriends who have got it into their heads that they’re the reason these woman are now in lesbian relationships.

If, as a heterosexual male, you broke up with a woman and she started seeing another man a few months, or even years, down the line  you wouldn’t even think twice about it. You would know that she had moved on and was seeing a person that she liked or had developed feelings for. You wouldn’t question the purpose of your entire existence.

So why does it have such an impact if said woman starts seeing another woman?

I’ll say this once. The fact that she is seeing a woman has nothing at all to do with you and absolutely everything to do with the woman she has met. You sound absurd. Do some bloody self esteem building exercises or something and stop making everything about you.


2 thoughts on “A Message To Men With Gay Ex Girlfriends

  1. I think it is different! I think that if a man or woman goes on to have a gay relationship after a straight one that person can feel used. They can feel that the relationship wasn’t real and there was an element of deception there. It’s not always that way, but it can be.


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