Kings, Queens & Queers

I recently read this story about two girls in a same sex relationship who were crowned Prom King and Queen and my heart almost burst open with pride at how accepting society is becoming of the LGBT community.

But then, as always, I ruined these happy thoughts of how progressive we are by thinking. I’m now just wondering why two girls, two biologically female individuals who, as far as I am aware, both identify with the gender that has been deemed appropriate for women, have been crowned King and Queen? The term ‘King’ is the noun used to describe a man. Given that these two women are just that, women, shouldn’t they have been crowned Prom Queen and Queen?

Maybe the girls were more than happy to take on these titles because, traditionally speaking, that is the norm. Yet, that is the heterosexual norm. They are homosexuals and, I thought it was pretty obvious that neither of them is a King. If society truly is becoming more and more accepting of the LGBT community, and are more than happy to break a tradition in order to crown a lesbian couple, then they could at least do it bloody properly and allow them to rule the party under the correct nouns. We need to wake up and realise that it is called a same sex relationship because it is a relationship between two people of the same sex. I SAW NO KINGS AT THE PARTY!

I don’t want to belittle this achievement for the LGBT community as I’m still pleased that a lesbian couple won, however, it seems an awful shame that gay people are still being made to fit into tiny little heteronormative boxes when there is nothing hetero about us.